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Choosing a Retail Construction Company

Retail construction is a special type of commercial building that includes spaces like stores and restaurants. It requires a unique set of considerations that can vary significantly from one client to the next. These include meeting all of the usual commercial building regulations, creating a safe and efficient space for consumers, and following any specific marketing guidelines that are established by a given brand or product. Choosing an experienced retail construction company can help ensure that your project is a success.

The best retail construction companies will be able to meet all of your project’s requirements while also working within any set budget and timeline. They can assist with site selection, design, permitting, engineering, and the entire construction process. They can also save you time and money by leveraging their existing professional relationships to get you the resources and materials you need at a good price.

There are many different types of retail construction projects, including convenience centres, strip malls, and mixed-use retail spaces. The latter category is often referred to as “strip mall” by those who are not familiar with the industry, but it can be comprised of a variety of different retail spaces, such as office space, shopping centres, and even residential areas.

In addition to constructing retail spaces, some retail construction firms may specialize in rebranding or sustainability. This can be done to update an existing store or building to better align with a new brand image or to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact.

As the name suggests, a convenience centre space is usually home to a range of small convenience based businesses, such as dry cleaners or cell phone shops. These types of retail construction projects can be a bit challenging to build, but a retail construction company with experience in this area can ensure that the project is completed on time and in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

For larger, higher-end retailers, it is often necessary to create a store that is unique and innovative. These spaces are designed to encourage customers to interact with products and services in a way that will drive sales. This is a complex task that can involve everything from building out an entire store to the creation of large display cases and even integrating new technology into a retail environment.

The right retail construction company can offer invaluable guidance for these types of projects. A good contractor can also facilitate communication and collaboration by serving as a single point of contact for all of the designers, engineers, subcontractors, and architects involved in the project. This streamlined approach to construction can prevent miscommunication and save time and money.

Reidy is a premier retail construction company with a broad portfolio of projects across the country. They have constructed numerous corporate, hospitality, infrastructure and mission-critical, media, health and fitness, and retail projects. This includes the first permanent retail space for mattress brand Casper, which features oversized and surreal objects that create a whimsical landscape to explore the future of sleep.