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How to Choose the Best Dog DNA Test

A dog dna test is a great way to learn more about your dog’s ancestry, genetic history, and health risks. This can help you understand your pet’s unique genetic make-up, which will make it easier to take preventive measures and manage medical conditions throughout their life.

There are several different types of dog dna tests, so it’s important to choose the best one for your needs and preferences. You’ll want to consider the cost, speed of results, accuracy level, and other factors.

If you’re looking to determine your best dog dna test breed, the Embark Breed & Health Kit is a top choice. It screens for more than 230 health risks and provides a detailed breakdown of your dog’s ancestry. It also offers a family tree that goes back to your dog’s great-grandparents, which can be an interesting look into your furry friend’s heritage.

Its specialized genotyping technology ensures that it’s as accurate as possible, and the Embark site is intuitive to use. It also has a large database that includes more than 350 dog breeds, so it’s easy to compare your pup’s results to those of their relatives.

The Embark test also includes a detailed three-generation family tree, which is something most other test kits don’t offer. You can even share your dog’s test results with other pet parents on the website.

This test is a good option for dog owners who are curious about their dogs’ genetic makeup, and it also makes for a fun and educational activity for the whole family. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the money if you’re interested in learning more about your pet’s ancestry or how their genes contribute to their personality and overall health.

The Embark Premium Breed Identification kit is priced at $129, making it a decent value for its comprehensive testing. It covers a wide range of dog DNA traits, including breed makeup, weight prediction, and behavior insights. Plus, the results provide a personalized wellness plan that helps you keep your dog healthy and happy throughout their lifetime.

It’s easy to use: You just need to swab your dog’s cheek and send it in. You’ll receive an email containing your results within two to five weeks.

You’ll also be able to track your dog’s progress through the test and watch your dog’s DNA change in real time. You’ll also have access to a website that walks you through your results and what they mean, which is handy if you’re not quite sure what to make of the information.

Amazon reviews for Wisdom Panel are mostly positive, and they’re largely centered on the speed of the process and its simplicity. Some customers had problems with their samples leaking and the swabbing process being a bit messy, but the results were generally reliable.

The company is one of the oldest dog DNA companies around, and it was founded in 2008 in response to a growing trend of people viewing their pets as members of the family rather than just pets. The founder, Mindy Tenenbaum, wanted to combine her knowledge of veterinary medicine with her love of animals in a unique way. She believes a dog’s DNA can provide more insight into a dog’s personality, which is an excellent way to understand them and how to treat them properly.