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How Your Personal Core Values Will Guide You

The personal core values that you choose to live by are the underlying beliefs and motivations that guide everything that you do. They act like a compass to help you navigate life’s sometimes-choppy waters and keep you on the right path. Whether you’re facing major decisions or small ones, figuring out and living your personal core values can make them infinitely easier.

Your personal core values are what makes you who you are, and they will be with you always, even if you don’t consciously think about them on a daily basis. In order to get clear on what your personal core values are, you need to identify the things that really matter to you. This could be anything from how you want to feel, what you’re passionate about, or how you believe the world should be.

It’s not uncommon to find that many of these personal core personal core values will guide you values are based on cultural or familial influences. However, once you know what they are and where they come from, it’s important to prioritize them for yourself. If you don’t, they can easily be pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Start by writing your personal core values on post-it notes and then sit with them individually for a bit. Feel into how they align with who you are and rank them in order of importance. Nothing is final, and your ranking will change as you learn more about yourself and the world around you.

When you’re able to identify your personal core values, it becomes much easier to judge how well you are honoring them on a daily basis. If you discover a core value that feels out of alignment with your current lifestyle, create an action plan to start moving closer to it. This can be anything from intentionally reading 2 books per month to increase your knowledge and learning, to implementing a work-from-home schedule that allows you more time for personal growth.

Another great way to check in with your personal core values is by creating a list of them, or using this simple quiz that will give you a list of your top 5. Then take a look at that list and see how well you’re doing at living in line with those values on a daily basis.

You’ll notice that your priorities will change over time, and that is okay! This is an ongoing process and it’s normal to have to re-evaluate your personal core values on occasion. When you do, it can be helpful to put them somewhere visible, like on your wallet card, phone wallpaper, or a wall poster, so that they’re always in front of you and easy to remember when making decisions. The more you practice living in alignment with your personal core values, the easier it will become to manage self-doubt when faced with uncertainty. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more articles on personal development and wellness!