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Residential and Commercial Exterior Renos

The spring season signals the beginning of a new year. It’s a time for cleaning, gardening and for home and business owners to take stock of their property exteriors. Regardless of whether your building is used as a retail store, hair salon, real estate agency or another enterprise, the way it looks on its exterior speaks volumes about how your company will be received by prospective customers. Investing in an exterior renovation that offers a welcoming atmosphere will set you apart from your competitors and encourage repeat business.

Residential and commercial exterior renos are a great way to improve your property’s Residential and commercial exterior renos aesthetic, increase your home’s curb appeal and raise its overall value in preparation for selling. Considering that many home buyers base their purchasing decision on the look of a property, it is important to make sure your home’s exterior reflects your personal style and provides the curb appeal potential home buyers are looking for.

Unlike interior changes, home exterior renovations aren’t as involved in terms of structural work and can be completed much more quickly. This means it is easier to change the look of a property without having to commit to major remodeling projects that may be difficult to complete on a tight timeline. It is also a lot less expensive to make changes outside of the house because they require a lot less access than inside.

In addition to the increased home value that comes with a well-done exterior renovation, it is an investment that can provide a return of up to 49% according to a recent study by Remodeling Magazine. This is largely due to the fact that buyers are willing to pay more for homes with a desirable appearance.

Aside from the financial benefits, a well-designed exterior can also serve as a social hub for family and friends. A patio area for entertaining, a garden space to grow fresh vegetables or flowers and an updated roofing system that will reduce energy costs are just a few of the ways you can add value to your home with exterior upgrades.

As the economy continues to recover, people are turning their attention to sprucing up the exterior of their properties. This includes renovating landscaping and outdoor living spaces, resurfacing driveways and sidewalks, updating window and door hardware and improving the roof insulation and weatherproofing.

If you are considering a summer or fall exterior renovation project, it is never too early to start planning. For minor updates that don’t require city permitting, or even for those larger scale renovations that do, a quick consultation with Key Interiors can get your project started in short order. Contact us today to learn more about the Key Difference and how our process can help you accomplish your commercial or residential exterior renovation goals.