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Advantages of Driveway Pavers

Having a driveway made from pavers can be an excellent alternative to concrete. It is aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and very practical. Pavers can be made from brick (clay), concrete, flagstone, marble, travertine and porcelain. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and textures that make it possible to create distinctive patterns and achieve unique looks.

One of the greatest advantages of a paver driveway Driveway Pavers Kansas City is that they can be installed over a gravel base. This eliminates the need to dig up and dispose of existing asphalt or concrete, which means that the project can be finished much more quickly. In addition, the pavers are more flexible than concrete slabs so they will not crack during expansion and contraction like concrete.

Another advantage of a paver driveway is that the surface is very slip resistant when wet. This is important if you have children or pets. Pavers are also easier to shovel than a poured driveway and they are less prone to damage from freezing and thawing. Pavers can be installed with a heating system underneath them which helps melt snow and ice.

A paver driveway is also easy to repair. If a paver becomes damaged from tree roots or frost heaving, it is very easy to remove the affected stone and replace it. In contrast, if a concrete slab is damaged, it may be necessary to remove and replace the entire section of the driveway.

When installing a paver driveway, it is important to match the design of the home and consider color and texture of the landscaping and house siding. A good hardscape company will be able to help you choose the right material and recommend a design to complement your home.

Brick pavers are an excellent choice for a driveway because they can be used with both traditional and contemporary styles. They are made from clay that is fired at high temperatures and offer superior strength when compared to concrete slabs. In addition, they are available in a wide array of color options and are designed to complement many types of landscaping designs.

Other paving materials that are suitable for a driveway include flagstone, which is created from natural rock that is cut into distinct shapes and laid in a random pattern. It is extremely durable and offers a number of different color options, including grey hues and reds. It is a little more expensive than brick or concrete pavers but is an excellent alternative for a natural look that will last a long time.

Marble is a luxurious, elegant and durable paving material that has been formed when limestone is exposed to extreme heat and pressure. This process randomly disarranges crystal particles giving it a distinctive and unique pattern. Although marble is quite durable, it is not recommended for use on a driveway because it will scratch easily. However, it can be used on the patio or sidewalks of a home.